Frequently asked questions

How do I get a free book?

Through the application form on our homepage! Just fill in the form, and your book will be sent out ASAP. It's one book per person, and you can send the book back for somebody else to enjoy afterwards. Be sure to leave us a review once you've recieved your book!

You don't have a book I want, can I still request it?

Of course! We're always expanding our library, and absolutely love taking new reccomendations to add to our list. Request it in your application, and we'll work on getting it both to you, and to our website!

How do I send my book back?

With your book, there'll be a little card with an address on it. When you get the time, send it back to that address! Somebody else will be enjoying it in no time. Don't forget to leave us a review of your book! The address is: Maja's Education Project Suite 229 9 St Johns Street Colchester Essex CO2 7NN

What are you doing about COVID-19 precautions?

All books sent back to us are put in a 'quarantine' box for 72 hours before being re-packaged and sent out to another reader. Our books are always handled with washed and sanitised hands, but if you are still a little worried, COVID-19 can only live on surfaces for up to 72 hours; leave your new book for 3 days before reading to be extra cautious!

I want to donate, but where is my money going?

All of our donations go straight towards buying books, packaging, postage and everything that goes into running a CIC!

Do I have to send the book back?

No! The book belongs to you. You can pass it on to somebody you know, or read it again and again. But if you know it's going to sit on a shelf, we would love for you to send it back for somebody else to educate themselves and keep the movement going.

I want to write a blog post, how do I do that?

Amazing! We're always looking for new voices. Just drop us an email and we'll get back to you about what you need to do.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here.

Not a problem! Send it via Live Chat in the bottom right corner of the page, or if it's a more serious matter, drop us an email at, and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you still sending out free books?

Of course! We have simply added the book store to give us a more stable form of income. The money we get from the books, goes toward buying the books we will be sending out for free.

How many free books can I request?

It's one book per address, for now. If you've requested a book already and want another, you can send your first one back with your address on the envelope, then request another! Or, you can purchase as many books as you like through our store. If you live in shared housing/accomodation, and have no affiliation with another individual who has ordered a book from the same address, just let us know and we'll get a book sorted for you!

How do you know who warrants a free book?

Honestly? We just trust you! We would like to think that people would not exploit the resources of a black-owned organisation, by requesting a book they can afford to purchase themselves. However, the end goal is that they are educated in something they may not have been educated in before, so besides the mini dent in our pocket, there's more good done than harm. (but if you know you can afford the book, please buy it!)