Building a New Curriculum

“But I don’t know how to start…” is something that as a teacher, I hear all too frequently. Now having chosen to write my very first blog post for The Community Interest Company, I can empathise with my pupils. So I’ll begin with a list - a list of words that capture the myriad of emotions and thoughts that I have felt over the last 42* days since the death of George Floyd.

Shocked; sad; confused; defensive; angry; self-reflective; frustrated; inspired; curious; self-important; shame; exasperated; awkward; uncomfortable; surprised; thoughtful; determined; exhausted; motivated; strong; unsure; embarrassed; hopeful.

I have had an unapologetic slap in the face - quite rightly so – and my journey has begun. A journey that started with a conversation with two friends over lunch on the weekend before lockdown; a conversation, which sowed the seed for a re-education; a re-education that has started with the hungry devouring of books, articles and social media posts. There is a lot to learn and even more to do. But I commit to doing better – for myself, for my own children, and for the children I teach.

My role as an educator is one that I am immensely proud of. I love what I do and I am passionate about learning but in my twelve years of teaching, the concept of de-colonising the national curriculum had never entered my consciousness until I began following new Instagram accounts and was signposted to further reading in the wake of the events in May. Since