Welcome To The Project!

I've always wanted to build a platform that allows people to share things they believe are important. The ability to share my voice is something I have always taken for granted; I have shared videos, spoken at events and written for blogs, sharing my voice with anybody who would listen. I came to notice people struggling to find places to use their voices, and though I always wanted to create one I never really knew where to start. Upon developing the project, the idea to add a blog that allowed anybody to contribute was a perfect idea.

Here, anybody who signs up as a member can ask me to add them as a writer. As soon as you're given permission, the world is yours. Write poems, articles, thought pieces, reviews of black businesses, films, music and of course, books. Whatever the format, whatever the topic. The only requirement, is that your post shares anything surrounding Black lives. Whether that's the celebration, support, protection, oppression, art or history of them; I'm welcoming anything and everything.

I may contribute myself every so often, but I'm mainly here to read and enjoy your pieces.

I'm going to leave you with the piece I shared on IGTV recently regarding Black Lives Matter. Keep an eye on our instagram account, where I'll be updating you on my favourite new uploads, and of course, uploading new books.

Keep educating yourselves, stay safe, be kind, and remember that All Black Lives Matter.

In Solidarity,

Maja Antoine-Onikoyi

Company Director

Maja's Education Project CIC